Mary Tereshchenko

Tattoo artist

A few facts about what tattoos do I create:
  • All of my works are unique. This means I apply one design only once. There are exceptions like “couple” tattoos for siblings, wifes and husbands and etc.
  • I don’t apply others’ tattoo designs even if you created it yourself.
  • I don’t copy anyone’s tattoos and I can’t do “like this” or duplicate the way someone else makes it.
  • I don’t apply tattoos on some body parts like fingers, feet, face and other places where they won’t look good or won’t remain in good condition.
  • I don’t do works in color, don’t do texts and different trendy stuff since I’m against cliché.
  • I think that tattoo is a form of art.
  • I create design during the session or you can pick from already available works.